Yesterday we received the link to register for housing with our roommates on the DORMS system. My roommate Amber noticed first, and after that it was a mad dash for us all to give her our roommate codes and do happy victory dances (or maybe that was just me.) I finished all of my housing registration, having already registered for classes, completed the new hire documents, and filled out my scheduling preferences. After submitting all of the housing forms, I just printed out the paperwork I need to bring to check in. The forms have barcodes, which I love, because bar codes are magical and awesome and if you say otherwise you’re lying.

Today we called State Farm to secure my renter’s insurance, which was incredibly easy since the Anaheim office works with the College Program kids all the time. That makes me officially set for check in! The agent already had all of the information Disney requires, and even said they will send it to the company themselves. I’m fairly certain that this means I am officially done with the business side of things that need to be done before check in day, and all there is left to do for housing is to get hyped about who’s bringing what appliances, and the insane amount of gaming consoles my roomies and I are bringing (Nintendo 64, Wii, Xbox 360, Game Cube, and Playstation 3, if I remember correctly.)

When I first received my acceptance, finding roommates was one of my biggest concerns. It’s hard to get an accurate understanding of someone from a short roommate survey, not to mention I just found the whole process of “courting” someone very daunting and awkward. I imagined it was like: “Hi, I see that you like the Lion King 2 and are sometimes messy but usually neat. I too like the Lion King 2 and am sometimes messy but usually neat. Wanna live with me for five months???” Homie don’t play that… if by “that” you mean “immediately proposing cohabitation to strangers based on one or two similar, but relatively trivial and insignificant characteristics.”

Thankfully, it all worked out and I ended up with an amazing ohana of really cool girls who just mesh together nicely. They are all incredibly sweet and chill, which is exactly what I was looking for. Our apartment is going to be Neverland themed, and we have entertained the idea of making matching Lost Boy onesies. One of the ladies, Joe, also lives in the Bay Area, so she and I are going to Ikea this week to get apartment stuff and then possibly do some crafting. I’ve already made a few Peter Pan coasters, but we’re probably going to make at least two thousand more, as well as some other decor items that look really cool on Pinterest but possibly won’t when we attempt them. Will report back with pictures and results.


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